Painting evening in the company of a lynx

Posted - Dec 12, 2023

In November, we joined forces with the providers of the innovative WINESPERIENCE® ART workshops, where participants paint an acrylic picture under the guidance of an experienced artist. This time, the theme of the painting evening was the lynx. During the creation process, the members of the project team presented the project and showed the main characteristics of the lynx. Participants were able to touch the fur and the skull, get to know paw prints, telemetry collars and camera traps. They were interested about lynx prey, what do they eat and how they hunt their prey and how come there are so few of them in the wild. We discussed the state of the lynx population in our country, its future and the challenges it has faced in the past. During the course of the enjoyable evening, a variety of lynx paintings were created. They were taken home, where the conversation about lynxes may continue again.