Niko–one of Teja’s kittens has a collar

Posted - Dec 9, 2020

St. Nicholas brought the best present for our project team.  On December 6, 2020, colleagues from Department of Biology, Biotechnical Faculty, successfully collared one of the two kittens of Slovenian resident female lynx Teja and (most likely) translocated male lynx Goru. However, we have to wait for genetic analysis to confirm Goru is the father.

Lynx Niko in a box trap, 6.12.2020, Mala Gora. Photo: Hubert Potočnik, LIFE Lynx

The male kitten was thoroughly measured and has almost 11 kg, which is about average for a 7 months old lynx. They named the kitten Niko, after St. Nicholas, whose day we are celebrating on December 6.

Measuring the lynx. Photo: Veronica Nanni (left), Hubert Potočnik (right), LIFE Lynx

A professional veterinary examined the lynx. Photo: Jaka Črtalič (left), LIFE Lynx, Bojana Žegura (right)

The data, obtained from Niko’s collar, will provide insight into the movement and feeding of the entire lynx family (mother and two kittens) for at least next 5 months. The kittens will probably leave their mother prior she gives birth to the next litter, which is usually from May to June.