News about lynx Emil

Posted - Dec 3, 2021

Finally, after three long months we received data from the collar of lynx Emil!

Emil was captured in Slovakia in February this year and was transported to Croatia in May. In cooperation with Nature Park Velebit, we released him on a meadow Apatišan near village Krasno. His movements are monitored with a collar that is using Iridium satellites to locate the animals and send us the data. The collar is programmed to send the data every two weeks but if the satellite is not reachable in the moment of sending, the data is stored and sent with the next shipment in two weeks. So due to this we are getting Emil´s locations each 2 – 3 months.

As the map shows, Emil still has not established a territory. After exploring northern and central Velebit he now moved southwards. We hope that a female lynx attracted him there and that next season we will see results of their friendship.

Emil’s movement from the release (red square) until November 27, 2021 (green square). Photo LIFE Lynx

Emil’s release on Velebit, Croatia. Photo: Tomislav Gomerčić