Most photographed lynx on Velebit is wearing a collar

Posted - Apr 6, 2022

On Wednesday, March 30, Croatian LIFE Lynx team managed to capture and successfully fit with a collar another lynx in the Lika region, Croatia. The adult remnant male weighed 24 kg and we estimated him to be around 5 years old. We have already known him since 2019 from camera traps set in PP Velebit and nicknamed him Pandora. Pandora is also holding the record as the most photographed lynx on Velebit as we have more than 60 recorded events on 18 different camera trap locations (since 2019). It seems that his territory overlaps with the other territorial male Josip that was collared a month ago at the same marking site. We are now impatiently waiting for the first locations from his Iridium collar, as it will be very interesting to see how these two neighbors use the common area.

Equipping the lynx Pandora with the Iridium satellite collar. Photo: Nino Salkić

The team from the Veterinary faculty taking Pandora’s measurements, sampling for DNA and doing the overall health check. Photo: Nino Salkić

Map showing home range overlap of the two territorial males Josip (caught 4.2.2022) and Pandora (caught 30.3.2022).