“Migration of cats from the Carpathians”

Posted - Apr 23, 2024

Documentary film “Migration of cats from the Carpathians” was premiered on Tuesday April 16, 2024 in a movie theatre Forum in Zagreb. This event also marked the closure of LIFE Lynx project implementation in Croatia.

Documentary film presents the efforts of Croatian team’s work in the scope of the LIFE Lynx project. It unveils a facet of the complex international collaboration required to rescue the endangered Dinaric lynx population from the brink of extinction. Two cameramen Senad Zemunović and Vjekoslav Skledar joined the Croatian LIFE Lynx team for the past seven years and filmed their activities. The movie script was written by Senad Zemunović, who also directed the 50-minute film. Film production was financed by Croatian national TV, who will son screen the film. Until the TV premier we can share with you this exciting trailer:

After the premiere screening over 200 visitors rewarded the film crew and the project team with a thunderous applause.