Lynx news from Romania

Posted - Mar 25, 2019

It’s been almost a month since we captured our first lynx for translocation and two weeks later the second one. We couldn’t have wished for a better outcome than this; having two lynx released in Slovenia and Croatia this spring. Whole group has been occupied with activities regarding the reinforcement process and arranging a safe transfer of both lynxes to Slovenia and Croatia.

Goru will be the first one to arrive and he is getting ready for the transfer. The Romanian team examined the lynx again, took samples of blood for determining Gorus health state and put a GPS/GSM collar on him. The collar will enable us to monitor Gorus movement around the Dinaric forests and success of establishing his new territory.

Romanian – Slovenian team after successfully equipping Goru with GPS/GSM collar. Photo: Lan Hočevar

Taking Goru´s measurements and blood samples. Photo: Matej Bartol

Setting GPS/GSM collar on Goru. Photo: Matej Bartol

The lynx enclosure is monitored with surveillance cameras 24/7. Photo: LIFE Lynx