Lynx translocation after storm

Posted - Nov 25, 2018

At the end of October landslides and fallen trees destroyed the fences of the Nature Park in Forni di Sopra (Friuli VG, Italy). It was necessary to transfer many animals, including the splendid male lynx named Cesare. The lynx was taken to a protected structure in the Forest of Tarvisio managed by the Progetto Lince Italia and the Carabinieri Forestali. As soon as the restoration of the wildlife area is finished, Cesare will return to Forni di Sopra. For security reasons Cesare received a radio-collar. The moment of brief sedation and manipulation was also used for a physiological checkup with positive results: Cesare is in good shape. We plan to take advantage of his current fame to make him act as ambassador for the strategies of conservation action of wild lynx and our LIFE Lynx project.

The team of the Italian Lynx Project and Carabinieri Forestali with Cesare who still “sleeps” after the check-up (Photo: Mario Theus)

Radio-collared lynx Cesare in his new temporary home (Photo: Renato Pontarini)