Lynx Meri independently exploring the Alpine forests

Posted - Jan 19, 2023

We received first movement data of Meri, the first young lynx from Slovenian Alps monitored with telemetry. He is entering one of the most sensitive periods of a lynx’s life; becoming independent and establishing a territory.

Immediately after his release on Pokljuka, Meri went to Mežakla, to an area, where lynx Julija was just two days before. Julija could be Meri’s mother, but genetic analyses still have to confirm that. According to the telemetry data, we discovered that Meri captured his own prey. We visited one of the locations, indicating that it could be a kill site. After setting a camera trap at the roe deer remains, we discovered that Meri is in excellent condition and on a good path of becoming a strong independent lynx.