Lynx Maks ran into Snežnik forests

Posted - Jun 23, 2020

On this beautiful summer day, we made another big step for saving the Dinaric-SE Alpine lynx population from extinction. Slovenian hunters, LIFE Lynx project team, and others involved in the project witnessed the release of lynx Maks into nature. Maks is the fourth lynx released in Slovenia, after Goru, Catalin, and Boris. Three lynxes, Doru, Alojzije, and Pino, were already released in Croatia.

Lynx Maks ran into Snežnik forests. Photo: Aleš Pičulin, LIFE Lynx

Lynx Maks is the first lynx that was translocated from Slovakia to Slovenia after 47 years and the last lynx that was released into nature this year in the scope of the LIFE Lynx project.  We will continue with the lynx translocations in the next year.