Lynx Kras – from Plitvice to Gorski Kotar and back

Posted - May 22, 2023

Kras, the last lynx released in Croatia with the aim of increasing the genetic diversity of the Dinaric population, started exploring his new home shortly after his release. The first set of data obtained from the telemetry collar shows that within the first two weeks, Kras crossed the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but soon returned to the area of ​​the Plitvice National Park, near the release site. Soon after, he changed his direction and headed towards Gorski Kotar, where he stayed for three weeks, after which he returned for the second time to the Plitvice area, where he is currently located.

By visiting the locations that pointed to the place where he caught the prey, we found that Kras is feeding regularly and it seems to us that he is adapting well to his new environment.

Map of lynx Kras’ movements. Photo: LIFE Lynx