Lynx Klif has a new collar

Posted - Sep 9, 2022

On August 18, the LIFE Lynx project team had successfully recaptured and replaced a telemetry collar on remnant male lynx Klif on the cliffs above Kolpa River. Capture and sedation was led by the project team from Department of Forestry from Biotechnical faculty and ZOO Ljubljana. Klif was in very good health condition and looked physically fit. He gained 1.5 kg since the previous capture and now weighs 24.5 kg. He shares a territory with remnant female Petra, with whom he had four kittens last year. In this year’s mating season, after mating again with Petra, Klif went on a mating excursion to Croatia for almost one month before he returned to his territory in Kočevsko, Slovenia. New collar will provide us with more interesting data, especially on interactions with local female Petra and will enable us to monitor him for two additional years.

Lynx capturing team with lynx Klif. Photo: Stane Draškovič Pelc

During the anesthesia, lynx Klif was provided with additional oxygen to prevent complications and for easier recovery. Photo: Stane Draškovič Pelc