Lynx in school, now also with the help of a teacher’s manual

Posted - Jan 11, 2021

Nine schools in Slovenia are cooperating with us within the Young Lynx Guardians programme. But now lynx can be part of lessons in other schools as well. A new handbook for teachers in the upper grades of primary school entitled “Ecology and conservation biology of lynxes” was published. The content of this manual follows the school curriculum and helps teachers explain certain topics on the example of lynx.

The manual consists of theoretical explanations for the teachers and instructions and exercises for the students. Under the “I want to know more” tab, the students can also  upgrade their knowledge if they wish. Through the manual, students can get to know the lynx and its habitat and compare it with other large carnivores that live in Slovenia. They can be tested in lynx identification based on photographs (photo identification), form food webs, connect the prey-predator relationship, look at the characteristics of skulls of different species, calculate the proportion of genetic defects and the degree of bioaccumulation of dangerous metals in wolves and lynx. We also encourage students to explore the topic on their own with the help of recommended online materials.

The manual was prepared by Ana Pšeničnik, mag. prof. biol., and dr. Iztok Tomažič from University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. You are kindly invited to view the manual (in Slovenian language). We definitely hope it finds its way among the pupils!