Lynx Catalin already in quarantine enclosure in Slovenia

Posted - Mar 7, 2020

Today, the ACDB society successfully transported the first lynx from Romania to Slovenia this year for reinforcement of Dinaric-SE Alpine population.  They named this lynx Catalin (Romanian Cătălin), after a local Romanian hunter that was involved in successful capturing of the lynx in Romania. Catalin is now resting in the quarantine enclosure in the State managed hunting ground Jelen in the Snežnik area. Hunters from the hunting ground Jelen will take care of the lynx during his stay in the enclosure, which will last for approximately three weeks.

The Snežnik area is a quite popular hiking destination, so we ask the visitors of this area not to go near the enclosure, as unnecessary human presence is a big stress for the lynx. The enclosure with its surroundings will be under video surveillance 24/7.

Lynx transport from the car to the enclosure. Photo: Maja Sever, LIFE Lynx

Lynx Catalin in his new temporary home. Photo: Maja Sever, LIFE Lynx

Quarantine enclosure in the Snežnik area. Photo: Maja Sever, LIFE Lynx