LIFE Lynx project in numbers

Posted - Dec 27, 2023

Annual evaluation of indicators for assessing impacts of project actions on local economy and communities and on ecosystem functions for 2022 has been published on the LIFE Lynx project website. We have been monitoring the indicators since the beginning of the project, and each year we prepare a short report on them. In doing so, we try to show how the project activities have impacted social constructs and issues such as how has the project engaged public and especially key target groups (e.g., hunters, schools, farmers, public, scientific community), how has the project impacted governance systems, has it created new jobs or otherwise impacted the wellbeing of local communities.

In the 2022 report we would like to highlight the number of individual visitors to the website, which increased greatly over the last years to 140871, the number of children and adolescents involved in lynx related schools activities, which was 1068, and breeding events of translocated lynxes confirmed; we counted seven last year.

In the table below, you can see the data for some other interesting indicators and the change over the years.