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Posted - Feb 22, 2018

26.2.2018 LYFE Lynx volunteer training

LYFE Lynx team from Croatia held a training course for volunteers interested in getting involved in the project. The event took place on the Faculty of Veterinary medicine in Zagreb.


15.2.2018 New lynx  in Croatia with radio collar

On Thursday 15th of February, at 11h, just before the arrival of the ranger Marko Modrić, an adult lynx was trapped in a cage trap near the town of Lič, Croatia. The 21 kg male was measured, checked for body condition, marked with a GPS telemetry collar and his blood was taken for genetic analysis.

From 2015, the Public Institution for Nature, in cooperation with wildlife experts from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Zagreb and the Karlovac University of Applied Sciences, participates in the research of the lynx population in Gorski Kotar and this is their third lynx that was caught and collared. He was named Marko ZiP after the ranger who came first at the site and who invests a lot of time and effort in field work concerning lynxes.

Although this lynx marking has not been performed within the LIFE Lynx project, it is of great importance for population monitoring. All lynx researchers in Croatia are networked and cooperating which looks promising for the future of lynx population management.

Photo: Vedran Sljepčević