LIFE Lynx at Alpe Adria Fair

Posted - Feb 17, 2023

On February 15 and 16, 2023, the LIFE Lynx project team attended the Alpe-Adria Fair where we were presenting the Lynx Educational Trail in Kočevje, lynx art workshops, interactive e-lessons, and other lynx-based tourism products developed within the project.

The Lynx Eductional Trail was opened in September 2021 and is one of the 14 forest educational trails that were selected by the Slovenia Forest Service regional units to be presented at the Forest Service stand at the Alpe-Adria Fair this year.

You can choose between the shorter and the longer version of the Lynx Educational Trail.

The shorter Lynx Educational Trail is 700 m long and has eight thematic stations along the way, equipped with information boards that reveal interesting facts about the world of the lynx, while didactic games along the trail present you with challenges or trials in which you can compete with the lynx. For a more informative and interesting visit to the trail, there is also the booklet Follow the footsteps of the Lynx Mala, in which children can find not only interesting facts, but also a number of tasks to solve. Those who are ready for a longer hike are invited to follow the longer Lynx Educational Trail (2.7 km), which will take you through the lynx’s habitat, to Mestni vrh, where a beautiful view of the town of Kočevje awaits you.