Update: Goru and Doru are still in Romania

Posted - Apr 12, 2019

We recently received news that lynx Doru has tested positive for parvovirus. Parvovirus causes feline distemper but fortunately Doru is currently not showing any clinical signs of the disease. Goru was tested negative for parvovirus at his first test. Despite that the two lynx enclosures are separated and strict quarantine procedures were implemented, there is a possibility of transmission of the disease from Doru to Goru. Both lynx will for now stay in their quarantine enclosures in Romania. In the following days we will perform more tests on both animals to make sure that both are in best health before the translocation. We hope for the best and will keep you informed about the situation.


Doru in his quarantine enclosure in Romania. Photo: LIFE Lynx

About the virus:

Various parvoviruses infect carnivores and can cause disease which is most usually characterized with high temperature, diarrhea and lethargy. Infection may result in a fatal disease, but subclinical infections without any symptoms, like the one that Doru has, are common. Infected animals excrete the virus, but after their immune system fights the disease they acquire a life long immunity and stop being a source of the disease for other animals. So prolonged quarantine with regular testing is necessary to make sure Goru and Doru arrive healthy into their new habitat.