Goru got a new telemetry collar

Posted - Jul 17, 2020

LIFE Lynx team successfully recaptured Goru and replaced his telemetry collar!

Goru was translocated from Romania in 2019 and established his territory on Mala Gora in Kočevsko, Slovenia soon after his release in Loški Potok. He was the first lynx to be translocated to Slovenia to prevent the extinction of Dinaric-SE Alpine lynx population and has already successfully passed his genes into the inbred population. His offspring, lynx Mala was detected last year. Goru was captured on a warm summer night at his prey and his old collar was replaced with a new one which will enable us to continue monitoring him in the next years. The six year old lynx is still healthy and vital and we how we see his contribution to the extinction prevention also this year with detecting more of his offspring.

This year we may find them also in Croatia, where he went during the mating season in winter 2020 and potentially mated with the females from Gorski Kotar. Therefore, Goru, we wish you all the best.

Veterinary blood sampling. Photo: Janez Tarman

Veterinary blood sampling. Photo: Janez Tarman

Medical examination of the lynx before changing the collar. Photo: Janez Tarman