Goru and Doru are searching for their territory

Posted - Jun 21, 2019

Goru and Doru, the first two of 14 lynx that will be included in the Dinaric- SE Alpine lynx population in the scope of LIFE Lynx project are exploring their new environment. Both are equipped with radio collars, which send us information about their locations. Right now, both lynx are in Slovenia. Their paths haven’t crossed (yet), but they have managed to cross the Slovenian-Croatian national border a few times. This show how important is international cooperation when working on lynx conservation. You can see their movements on the map we prepared:

It is still too soon to tell for sure, but Goru (green line on the map) is spending quite some time in the area of Mala Gora (Ribnica), which could indicate that he is establishing his territory there. Doru (blue line on the map) traveled from Croatians Risnjak National Park till Javorniki area in Slovenia and is not showing any signs of settling down.

Goru released from enclosure in Loški Potok. Photo: Miha Krofel, LIFE Lynx.

Doru released in Risnjak National Park . Photo: Vedran Slijepčević, LIFE Lynx.

Press release – Goru in Doru iščeta svoj teritorij (SLO)

Press release – Risovi Goru i Doru su u Sloveniji (CRO)