Forest animals exploring the enclosure in Loški Potok

Posted - Aug 14, 2019

More than three months have passed since our first translocated lynx Goru was released from quarantine enclosure in Loški Potok. In case Goru would have returned back, we left the doors of the enclosure open and inside the remains of a roe deer, his last meal before the release. Goru hasn’t returned and is successfully catching his own prey in the wild. But other forest animals have come to check the enclosure and it’s surroundings. We’ve managed to capture some of them on our camera traps.

While Goru was still inside the enclosure, a hare was grazzing in the surrounding. Photo: LIFE Lynx

A young male red deer grazing near the enclosure. Photo: LIFE Lynx

Soon after the release, a fox came to the enclosure. Photo: LIFE Lynx

Fox and bears were the most frequent visitors. Photo: LIFE Lynx