First two box-traps set to recapture lynx Tris and Lenka

Posted - Oct 27, 2022

In July, we started with camera trapping in Gorenjska to find out what is the status of lynx Tris, Lenka and Zois, whose telemetry collars stopped working this year. Photographs confirmed that Tris and Lenka are still present in Triglav National Park, so we chose the best locations for their recapture. In cooperation with Bled Hunting Club, LIFE Lynx team set up the first box-trap on the top of an isolated ridge while the second box-trap was set up in at a frequented animal trail within the state-owned hunting ground Triglav. Because other species than lynx might enter the box trap, we are using an electronic system which enables us to selectively catch lynx and let the other smaller species pass through. With telemetry, we want to collect information on lynx movements, use of territories, possible mating excursions (in the case of Tris), denning (in the case of Lenka) and predation.

Choosing the exact location for setting up the box trap. Photo: Urša Fležar, LIFE Lynx

Preparing the ground, where the box trap will stand. Photo: Maruša Prostor, LIFE Lynx

Assembling the box trap. Photo: Maruša Prostor, LIFE Lynx

Box trap, all set to capture a lynx. Photo: Urša Fležar, LIFE Lynx

Electronic box trap preparation in Triglav hunting ground. Photo: Maruša Prostor, LIFE Lynx

Setting up the electronics which enable us to selectively capture lynx. Photo: Maruša Prostor, LIFE Lynx