First Local Consultative Groups established and events successfully implemented

Posted - Jan 16, 2019

Long term conservation of lynx populations strongly depends on how people perceive lynx and how they support their conservation. In order to gain trust and local community support for the activities planned within the project, we aim to establish so called “local consultative groups” in which different interests of local community can be represented and consulted among themselves and the project group.

On 13th December 2018, 1st local consultation group (LCG) event was organized in Loški Potok. Inhabitants of municipality Loški Potok and Loška Dolina, and local organizations were briefly presented the project and consulted about four predefined topics that might be of interest to local community. More about the progress of the event in project report of 1st local consultative group event in Loški Potok.

On 11th December our project group members joint already established group of key stakeholders – so called “project council LIFE Stržen” in municipality Cerknica / Notranjska regional park. We had an opportunity to present our project, local activities, to inform and consult with key stakeholder from this area. They were very much interested in the project activities, therefore we look forward to present the project progress on the next meeting in April.

We believe that by working closely together with all interested members of the community, we can resolve potential conflicts, generate trust among them and project members as well as develop activities that bring mutual benefits to the local inhabitants and lynx conservation.

First meeting for local consultative group. Photo: Seth Wilson

Photo: Seth Wilson

Photo: Seth Wilson