First female lynx captured in Romania

Posted - Feb 17, 2021

After ten male lynx captured in Romania and Slovakia together, our team has finally captured the first female. She was captured on February 13, in the evening, and after thorough examination the team discovered that she is in great physical condition, about two years old, and weights a bit more than 16 kg.

The ACDB capture team, with the help of hunter from Romsilva, transferred the lynx to the quarantine enclosure in Romania, where she will wait until all veterinary analyses will confirm she can be transferred to enclosure in Gorenjska, Slovenia.

Capturing team from ACDB and Romsilva with the female lynx. Photo: Andrei Dinu, ACDB

The lynx was thoroughly examined and measured. Photo: Marco Sensi, ACDB



Carrying the lynx to the car and then to the quarantine enclosure. Photo: Teodora Sin, ACDB