Films Together for Lynx, Path of the Lynx, and LIFE Lynx presentation at the University of Montana, Missoula

Posted - Dec 18, 2023

With a previously developed cross-cultural exchange history, the connection between the University of Montana and the LIFE Lynx project goes on. The Romanian team colleague Andrei Dinu is now studying at this University and has embraced the opportunity to share the story of our project with his colleagues and professors. Besides the casual conversations on and off campus throughout the semester, the key lessons and existing challenges of the LIFE Lynx project and lynx conservation in Europe were also presented during a talk in one of Professor Mark Hebblewhite’s lab meetings. As Thanksgiving week approached, The Student Chapter of the Wildlife Society arranged for a screening of the new documentary film Together for Lynx as part of their weekly meetings. The students enjoyed the short film and were also curious to ask a few questions afterwards.

We anticipate strengthening our connection and publishing scientific findings using the project data.

On 7-December, Dr. Seth Wilson presented the lecture, “Film as a Strategic Communication Tool in the LIFE Lynx Project,” at the University of Montana. Dr. Wilson’s lecture was prepared for the course Environmental Science and Sustainability. His lecture showcased how the LIFE Lynx project film, Path of the Lynx / Risova pot, was used during the LIFE Lynx project as a strategic communication tool to showcase the important historic and current roles that Slovenian and Croatian hunters play in Eurasian lynx recovery.

Presentation about the LIFE Lynx project in one of Professor Mark Hebblewhite’s lab meetings. Photo: Amaia Autor

Screening of the new documentary Together for Lynx as part of the University of Montana Student Chapter of the Wildlife Society meeting. Photo: Andrei Dinu