Film screenings and the last LCG annual meetings in Slovenia

Posted - Dec 8, 2023

In the last two weeks, we combined the screening of the film “Together for lynx” with the annual meetings of the members of the Local Consultative Groups (LCGs). We regret that these were the last two meetings of this kind, but we were happy to be able to thank those who contributed to the project!

In the Alps, we met at the Infocentre of the Triglav National Park in Bled, with whom we co-organised the event, and in the Dinarides, the Kočevje Cultural Center offered us help with organisation. This way we really felt welcome.

After the film, there was a discussion and the acknowledgements to the LCG members who dedicated a lot of their time to the project in one way or another. Whether it was in the framework of lynx monitoring, cooperation with schools or through their participation in the establishment of the Lynx Educational Trail … Rescuing the lynx is a big mosaic made of diverse pieces – which create the bigger picture! We couldn’t have done it without you :).

Some of the more active members of LCG in the Gorenjska region. Photo: LIFE Lynx

Some of the more active members of LCG in the Dinaric region. Photo: LIFE Lynx

After thanking (and friendly questioning those invited to the stage), we also gave presentations at both events about what we have learned about lynx during the project, what we have done together for lynx, and what should happen to lynx after the project is over. As you might know, the project ends at the end of March 2024, but the lynx stories go on …

Miha Krofel gave a lecture about the new knowledge on lynx. Photo: LIFE Lynx

Film screening in Triglav National Park Info Center. Photo: LIFE Lynx