Film screening for cyclists and presentation of the Lynx Cycling Route

Posted - Jan 24, 2024

In mid-December 2023, in collaboration with the cycling community and the cycling store Loose Cycles, we organized an event for cyclists.

During the introductory part of the event, we first presented the lynx, the challenges faced by the population, and the efforts of our project for the conservation and protection of the species. Max Riese from Grav Grav introduced the collaboration with the project and the development of the Lynx Cycling Route. The lectures were followed by a screening of the film “Together for Lynx,” after which participants had the opportunity to explore various tools used in fieldwork (GPS collars, photo cameras, DNA sampling kits). They also observed the lynx’s skull and fur.

The event took place at the Loose Cycles store in Ljubljana. Photo: Jan Šuntajs

We presented different biological materials and equipment for lynx monitoring. Photo: Jan Šuntajs

The lectures were followed by a field visit to the lynx habitat, led by Žan Kuralt. The participants are to be congratulated, because despite the cold, 21 of them cycled in the mud and later in the snow.

Group cycling to the closest lynx habitat near Ljubljana. Photo: Jan Šuntajs

Group photo of participants. Photo: Jan Šuntajs

The Lynx Cycling Route is a bikepacking trail designed for mountain bikers. The route spans 221 km and runs from the Center for Large Carnivores DINA Pivka to the Adriatic Sea in the coastal city of Rijeka. It was created in collaboration with the cycling community, the cycling apparel company, and the Institute for Tourism Pivka. The route allows cyclists to immerse themselves in nature, explore areas suitable for lynx rest, hunting, etc., and thus experience the lynx’s daily life. This usually leaves them feeling more connected to the species and committed to its conservation, as well as the protection of nature in general. In addition to raising awareness among cyclists, the route is also essential for the local community, as visits from both foreign and local cyclists help the community understand the lynx’s contribution to the attractiveness of the area.

Description of the complete route and the Gravgrav community blog

Route map on the Kamoot platform.