Catalin’s search for a new territory and Goru’s homecoming

Posted - Apr 11, 2020

After the release on 31th of March in Snežnik forests, lynx Catalin went south towards the Slovenian and Croatian border. He went very close to the hilltop named same as he is, Katalin. Coincidence? In the area marked with orange on the map, there is a possibility that he met with a collared female lynx Martina. Martina is orphan lynx that was captured by the Croatian team in November 2019 near Ogulin. She was rehabilitated and equipped with a collar before release Risnjak National Park in February 2020. After release, she went north and crossed Slovenian and Croatian border at the same time when Catalin was around and there is a chance that they met.

Later, Catalin continued towards west, and then turned south into Croatia. He came was very close to Nature Park Učka, but he turned again north. We are waiting for the next locations to see if he returned to Slovenia or stayed in Croatia. It is quite difficult period for him now, as he is moving through unknown terrain and needs to find an area without a territorial male to establish his new territory. Therefore, this movement of ranging over great distances is expected. Only the future will tell where he will establish his new territory. Let’s hope he finds free space soon and doesn’t wander away from other lynx.

Lynx Catalin’s movement (green), with marked area of potential meeting with female Martina (orange). Photo: Lan Hočevar, Vedran Slijepčević, Maja Sever LIFE Lynx

Other news from the lynx world in Dinaric Mountains is, that lynx Goru returned to his territory in Mala Gora, Slovenia. One month ago, he went to Croatia during the mating season and we hope this expedition was a successful one. In the area where he was in Croatia, we know that at least 3 females were present at that time. It seems that Goru is doing his part of the job as we hoped he would. Now he is again back home in the territory he shares with female Teja.

Goru’s movement after leaving his territory and coming back to Mala Gora. Photo: Lan Hočevar, LIFE Lynx