Camera trapping is on!

Posted - Aug 22, 2018

Camera trapping is one of the most important methods for lynx monitoring. It is a great way to gather information about lynx presence in the area. That is why from the beginning of august we started with intensive camera trapping on more than 60 locations of the project area in Slovenia. The work is done in close collaboration with local hunters. They are priceless source of information about the best micro locations for setting the camera traps and their time and knowledge contribution to lynx monitoring is of great importance for the project. They are also responsible for controlling and maintaining the camera traps.

This is the first time that systematic monitoring of lynx is done in Slovenia, and the results will be crucial for reinforcement of lynx in this area.  In addition to camera traps, some locations will also have hair traps from which we hope to get good lynx genetic samples. Hair traps are a new approach for collecting genetic samples, invented by University of Ljubljana, one of our project partners. We are very enthusiastic about the monitoring and we hardly wait for the first lynx photos from camera.

Working with local hunter. Photo: LIFE Lynx

Hair trap (left) and camera trap (right) ready to catch some lynx. Photo: LIFE Lynx