Art exhibition by Klarisa Sipoš with photorealistic images of lynx

Posted - Jan 24, 2022

An exhibition of art works by the young painter Klarisa Sipoš will be on view at the Gallery Fortunata Berganta from January 24, 2022. Klarisa is one of the few artists of photorealism in Slovenia. Photorealism uses photography as a reference for a photorealistic painting. Klarisa has been inspired by the lynx throughout her painting career. Among other things, she found inspiration in one of the photographs of lynx, taken by researcher Miha Krofel. In 2020, she participated in the LIFE Lynx project art workshop – Kingdom of the Lynx, during which we presented interesting facts about lynx, visited typical lynx habitat and encouraged artists to create art about lynx and communicate the importance about conservation of the species. You are invited to the exhibition, which presents images of lynx through various techniques, from oil on canvas to digital print.