Animation of lynx movements on Velebit, Croatia

Posted - Oct 28, 2022

We are using telemetry collars to monitor movement and activity of all translocated lynxes. We are especially interested in their exploratory movements after the release and until they establish their territory. To fully understand this process, we also capture and collar resident animals. At the moment we are monitoring five neighboring lynxes on Velebit Mountains in Croatia, three of them were translocated from the Carpathians and released on Velebit, while two local males were captured and fitted with collars in 2022.  This fantastic animation shows their activity since the day of their release or capture.

Alojzije (released 2020, red)

Emil (released 2021, green)

Ljubo (released 2022, yellow)

Josip (resident male, captured 2022, blue)

Pandora (resident male,  captured 2022, pink)