Activation of box traps in Romania

Posted - Jan 29, 2019

Over a four-day period, and fighting through heavy snow conditions and bad weather, the ACDB team, together with a team from ROMSILVA , led by Adrian Titianu, succeeded in activating five boxtraps, all in stations where lynx presence has been recently confirmed. The ROMSILVAforesters team was a great help, contributing with enthusiasm and local knowledge to our work. Also, many thanks to the representatives of the private hunting associations that supported our work in the Romanian Carpathians. ACDBand their collaborators will continue to activate the box traps, already placed in the field, over the following days. From this week onwards, our Romanian colleagues will keep an eye on the traps, while continuing to search and identify good spots for lynx trapping. Let`s hope that the our quarantine facilities will have a guest before spring. Finger’s crossed time! Wish us luck!

Transporting a large box traps to the trapping location. Photo: Mihai Pop

Transporting a small box trap to the trapping location. Photo: Mihai Pop

Ready for activating the box trap. Photo: Mihai Pop