Young Lynx Guardians made videos of local wildlife

Posted - Aug 4, 2022

We are working with nine schools as part of the Young Lynx Guardians project. In addition to the workshop and field day, some schools have additional lynx-related activities. For example, pupils from Dragotin Kette Primary School in Ilirska Bistrica, led by teacher Suzi Avsec, produced videos of forest animals.

Where did they get the videos? One automatic camera was borrowed from the cameras used to monitor lynx, and one was added by the teacher herself. Together with Miro Uljan, a local hunter from the Kozlek hunting club, they set up the camera in the forest just far enough away that deer, foxes, wild boars and even bears could pass by! The footages were then used to make videos as part of children’s school subject “Television”.

You are welcome to watch themat the links below!

“Who’s scared of photo traps?”:

“Joy of the forest”: