Young guardians of the lynx greeted Boris

Posted - Jun 1, 2020

In the scope of project activity Young guardians of the lynx, the pupils of the Sodražica Primary School have suggested 58 names for the third lynx we brought to Slovenia. They have also greeted his arrival with many drawings they’ve made. Before Boris was released into the wild, 20 of these pupils had also seen this lynx live.

“Boris was quite restless when he arrived, so be quiet as we approach the quarantine enclosure,” explained Stanko Anzeljc, the head of the Loški Potok hunting family, who took care of the lynx. We walked part of the way and also saw the forest, where Boris was later released to. When we got to the enclosure, the pupils and their parents observed Boris through the enclosure’s cracks, some met Boris face to face. The visit was short, and everyone was very careful, not to disturb the lynx too much.

Pupils made some very nice lynx drawings. Photo: Gregor Šubic, Kawka, LIFE Lynx

Pupils observed the lynx through the enclosure’s cracks. Photo: Gregor Šubic, Kawka, LIFE Lynx

Their answer to the question of what they liked most about the whole tour was that Boris was cute and much smaller than they had imagined. We are also pleased with their opinion that they have learned something new about lynx.