Workshop on capturing large carnivores and networking in Italy

Posted - Feb 7, 2018

From 25th to 26th of January 2018 project partners together with LIFE DINALP BEAR project partners participated on a workshop on monitoring and capturing large carnivores in Tarvisio Italy. The main goal of this workshop was exchanging information between projects, viewing the locations and learning about the methods used by Italian forest service (Corpo Forestale) and Progetto Lince Italia. Project partners from Progetto Lince Italia demonstrated how to set up and use different types of traps for lynx and for bear, and presented us the technical characteristics and operation of each type of the trap. Project partners visited an enclosure, which is intended to keep the lynx in the quarantine before the release. Such enclosures are used to decrease homing behaviour of lynx; that is the response of lynx after relocation when they try to attempt to return to their original territory. They also discussed about protocols for catching the animals with different traps and learned about the details of preparing for the entire process.

Lynx enclosure. Photo: Aleš Pičulin

Bear tube trap. Photo: Aleš Pičulin

Lynx box trap. Photo: Aleš Pičulin