Who is feeding on Goru’s prey remains?

Posted - Nov 8, 2019

Telemetry collars of Goru, Teja and Doru are still regularly sending information about their locations. These collars give us a tiny insight in the mysterious lives of Europe’s largest cats. Data from the collars enable us to find the best places for setting the camera traps, like predation sites. This time, we found remains of Goruˋs prey, a roe deer, and set a camera trap there. With the help of camera trapping videos we can observe for example feeding time durations, lynx’s behavior and physical fitness and also which scavenger species are feeding on lynx’s prey remains. At one of Goru’s prey remains we recorded 4 different species. Beech marten (Martes foina), raven (Corvus corax), red fox (Vulpes vulpes) and wild boars (Sus scrofa) all got a share of the prey. This kind of data are essential for better knowledge of ecology of the species.