We radio collared a female lynx

Posted - Apr 23, 2019

On Friday, April 19th, our project team from Department of Biology (UL) successfully captured an adult female lynx from remnant Dinaric population in Slovenia. The female, named Teja, was equipped with GPS radio collar in a mountain area Mala gora, where she had been previously recorded on photo trap about month ago. In the coming year, we will be able to closely monitor the female’s movement by which she will also reveal whether she will have cubs and how successful will be their breeding.

Female lynx in the box trap. Photo: Jan Potočnik

Tranquilized female lynx. Photo: Jan Potočnik

Setting up a GPS radio collar. Photo: Žan Kuralt

Taking samples for genetic analysis. Photo: Špela Sokolovič


Lynx capturing team. Photo: Žan Kuralt

Female lynx coat pattern. Photo: Špela Sokolovič