We are following another young female lynx from Slovenian Alps

Posted - Jan 16, 2023

Friday the 13th was not an unlucky day for our project team, as we successfully captured another young lynx from Slovenian Alps and fitted it with a telemetry collar. This time the triggered trap was set together with the members of Bohinjska Bistrica Hunting Club.

Young lynx just before she went into the box-trap. Photo: LIFE Lynx

In accordance with capturing protocol, the veterinarian who sedated the lynx upon examination found that she was in excellent physical condition and weighed 10.5 kg, which is an appropriate weight for a young lynx her age. The members of the trapping team and the owner of the land where the trap was set have named the lynx Rozi, because of the beautiful rosette pattern of her fur.

Biometric measurements of the young lynx. Photo: Urša Fležar, LIFE Lynx

Rosette pattern on lynx Rozi’s fur the reason she got this name. Photo: Urša Fležar, LIFE Lynx

Rozi is most probably one of the three offspring of the lynxes Aida and Zois, translocated from Romania in 2021. The offspring were already sampled at a den and recognized as one female and two male kittens. It will be very interesting to follow Rozi as she is currently in the dispersal phase and has not yet established her own territory.

Off she goes back into the forests of Bohinj Mountains. Photo: Silvo Odar