We activated the first box trap in Slovakia

Posted - Jan 16, 2020

In the second half of December Slovenia Forest Service LIFE Lynx team visited Slovakian LIFE Lynx partner Technical University Zvolen (TUZ). The purpose of the visit was to start the first lynx capturing season in Slovakia. TUZ already acquired all the necessary permits for the capturing and translocation. The first box trap was repaired and activated in the area of Muranske Mountains. In the area of Vtačnik and Vepor Mountain, the teams checked the camera traps, where the lynx is constantly present. The results were promising and they decided to set more traps also in this area by the end of January. The team also visited ZOO Bojnice, which is the only Slovakian state ZOO with authorization and facilities for wildlife quarantine. At the moment they are hosting a male lynx, that was captured in the fall 2019 and was in really bad health state. After a few months of treatment in the quarantine, the lynx recuperated and is now healthy and behaving quite lively. When all health results of the animal confirm that the lynx is completely OK, it will be released back to the nature, maybe even translocated to Slovenia.

Setting the box trap in Slovakia. Photo: Bojana Lavrič, LIFE Lynx

Box trap set up and activated. Photo: Bojana Lavrič, LIFE Lynx

Quarantine for wildlife in ZOO Bojnice. Photo: Bojana Lavrič, LIFE Lynx