The Romanian quarantine
has its first guest!
His name is GORU

Posted - Feb 13, 2019

Yesterday our project made a huge step forward with the capture of a beautiful male adult lynx. Over the past month we have been hampered by false alarms and terrible weather, but yesterday the ‘trap has triggered’ message was very real, sending adrenaline rushes around our hearts, as we sprang into action at the break of dawn.

The ACDB team, supported by the representatives of the game managers and Natural Park Putna Vrancea Administration part of Romsilva, worked professionally to bring the lynx safely from the woods and to transport him to the quarantine center. This capture is the result of two years of intensive lynx monitoring, and has involved a huge amount of work to prepare and maintain the box traps. So … congratulation to Teo, Teresa, Andrea, Michael, George, Mihai and volunteers Mannon, Hannah, Bogdan, Lan for their hard work, and well done team Romania! Manny thanks goes also to our Romanian collaborators!

Preparing for tranquilising the lynx. Photo: Mihai Pop

Measuring the weight of the lynx. Photo: Lan Hočevar

The lynx GORU. Photo: Hannah Kirkland

Carrying the lynx to the transport vehicle. Photo: Hannah Kirkland