Tomislav Sotinac

Posted - May 23, 2023

I work for the NGO BIOM, with a base in Sinj, Dalmatia, Croatia. I have been working on different projects since the spring of 2020. with different interesting activities such as monitoring bees, grassland restoration, restoring ponds and wells, etc. Originally a “flatlands” man from eastern Croatia, I fell in love with the Croatian mountains and started field work on LifeLynx in the winter of 2020. Since then, I eagerly await every opportunity to check and put up new photo traps for lynx monitoring, as well as do the snow tracking. The project activities gave me amazing insights on the behavior of that amazing animal as well as other creatures that I could study during field work and the review of hundreds of thousands of videos and photos from camera traps in the last few years. Working for BIOM and on projects of such importance fills me with gratitude and pride.