Snow-tracking in Romania

Posted - Mar 9, 2018

At the moment, Slovenian and Romanian project teams are enjoying the ideal snow conditions in Romania that allow efficient snow-tracking. Snow-tracking is an important part of lynx monitoring for the purpose of lynx translocation. Until now, the Romanian team managed to get 13 camera trap images of lynx on 7 different locations. They also found lynx tracks for 29 times in this winter. Sometimes they were working in challenging conditions with deep snow and sub-zero temperatures, but they say it was worth it.  You can check out some nice photos from their snow tracking activities on our project facebook. Slovenian team was lucky during their visit in Romania, because they found lynx tracks and markings on tree stump.

Checking the camera traps. Photo: Miha Krofel

Lynx photo taken with camera trap. Photo: ACDB

Lynx tracks and lynx marking on a tree stump. Photo: Miha Krofel

Lynx footprint with scale. Photo: Miha Krofel