RTL.hr presenting the LIFE Lynx work in Croatia

Posted - Dec 3, 2018

On the first weekend of December, the Croatian project team went on a field trip to Sv. Rok in Lika region with their co-workers from the Velebit Nature Park. On Sunday they were joined by the RTL.hr reporting team who wanted to present the work behind the LIFE Lynx project to the public. Although the coverage transmitted that the presence of lynx in southern Velebit had just been discovered, we would like to correct this information and emphasize that the first photo of the lynx from the camera traps on Southern Velebit was obtained in 2013. from the National Park of Paklenica. We would like to thank the Velebit Nature Park for its excellent cooperation and the RTL.hr team for their interest in our project.

Reportage and accompanying text are available at https://vijesti.rtl.hr/…/ovu-predivnu-zvijer-vidjeli-su-u…/…