Romanian team ready for the new capturing season

Posted - Dec 2, 2020

Romanian Carpathian Mountains. Photo: Andrei Dinu, ACDB

Despite the peculiar times, the team of ACDB, Romanian partner in the LIFE Lynx project, doesn’t rest. With already three areas for lynx capturing established in cooperation with Romsilva and Natural Park Putna – Vrancea, they added another area in November 2020. Two box traps are set in the area of Tarcău Mountains, where hunters of Romsilva helped with the micro locations and setting of the traps. Altogether 10 box traps are in the field now and will be activated in January 2021. The goal for this season is to capture females and thus enable the translocation to the Alpine area of Slovenia where currently there is no confirmed lynx presence.

Lynx footprint, a good sign the box traps are in the right place. Photo: Andrei Dinu, ACDB

Box trap ready for activation. Photo: Andrei Dinu, ACDB