Preparations for lynx translocations

Posted - Feb 5, 2020

Lately, associates from ACDB,  partner of the LIFE Lynx project from Romania, are working to relocate three lynx individuals to Dinaric Mountains. It is planned that two lynxes to come to Slovenia and one will go to Croatia to the Paklenica National Park. Before the translocations all necessary veterinary examinations have to confirm that the lynxes are healthy.

Slovenian team is preparing everything that is required before the lynxes arrival. Special care is given to add the final touches to the new enclosure which will be used for the first lynx translocated to Slovenia this year. Slovenia Forest Service team and the local hunters made sure the enclosure is safe and suitable for the lynx and its care. A special surveillance system will enable us to monitor the lynx and the surroundings constantly.

Final touches to the lynx enclosure. Photo: LIFE Lynx

Enclosures surrounding will be monitored with special cameras. Photo: LIFE Lynx