Painting workshop Kingdom of the lynx 2021

Posted - Aug 30, 2021

A 3-day outdoor painting workshop was held in Dolenje poljane at Tourism Jure, organized by the RDA Zeleni Kras. Participants were painting on the theme of the forest and its inhabitants under the guidance of the academic painter Karmen Bajec. The members of the project group prepared a lecture and a short field walk for the participants, thus bringing them closer to the secret life of a lynx, wolf and bear. We introduced them to the work of researchers and presented main methods for monitoring. We also talked about the challenges local inhabitants are facing because of the presence of large carnivores. At the end of the workshop, exhibition at  Rihtarjeva domačija was held. Viewing will be possible until September 12, by prior arrangement.

Lecture on large carnivores in Slovenia. Photo: Irena Kavčič, LIFE Lynx

Presenting the work of the researchers and main monitoring methods. Photo: Irena Kavčič, LIFE Lynx

Looking at bear’s scat. Photo: Irena Kavčič, LIFE Lynx

Some of the artwork made at the workshop.