Painting workshop at the Floating Castle festival

Posted - Aug 6, 2021

On Saturday, July 24, 2021 , a one-day painting workshop was held as part of the international Floating castle festival, under the mentorship of academic painter Karmen Bajec. Through photographs and discussion, project group members have presented the lynx to the workshop participants. The canvases soon came to life and attracted many festival participants who were interested in how many lynxes we have, where they live, why they are endangered, how researchers work and how we can help the lynx population to survive. We also talked about the opportunities created by the presence of charismatic large carnivores, one of which is also the potential for the development of painting tourist programs.

Art workshop. Photo: Irena Kavčič, LIFE Lynx

Workshop for children. Photo: Irena Kavčič, LIFE Lynx