Networking with other projects

Posted - Apr 24, 2019

Sharing information between institutions and projects is important for successful implementation of any project. In the past week we hosted different projects and employees from various institutions from Germany, Romania, Czech Republic and Spain. The purpose of the visit was to show our work on large carnivores and coexistance solutions that we have implemented in different projects. LIFE Lynx, LIFE DINALP BEAR, 3Lynx and Wolf monitoring projects were presented. The visit was a big success and the participants were pleased with the solutions for coexistance with large carnivores that we showed to them. The cherry on top was (fresh) lynx track on the muddy road in the Kočevsko forests.

Group photo. Photo: Ramon Jurj

Lynx tracks in the mud. Photo: Maja Sever

Lynx foot prints. Photo: Maja Sever

Bear watching hide in Loški Potok. Photo: Maja Sever

Visit to large carnivore habitat. Photo: Maja Sever

Livestock guardian dog and high electric fence, guarding the goats from large carnivores. Photo: Ramon Jurj