Lynx quarantine in Slovenia is ready

Posted - Apr 1, 2019

Slovenian LIFE Lynx team is getting ready for arrival of the first lynx. Before the release in to the nature, the lynx will spend about three weeks in an enclosure in the area of Loški Potok. For successful and safe lynx accommodation in his temporary home, members of the project team cooperated with local hunters. The enclosure is located deep in the forest, allowing Goru to adapt to our nature. For safety reasons, Goru will be under constant 24-hour video surveillance. The enclosure is also surrounded by high electric fence, which will prevent access to other carnivores, especially bears. In the gallery below you can see how the final works on the enclosure were done.

Photo: LIFE Lynx

Electric fence around the enclosure. Photo: LIFE Lynx

Preparing the doors for lynx release. Photo: LIFE Lynx

Photo: LIFE Lynx

24/7 surveillance inside the enclosure. Photo: LIFE Lynx