Lynx Petra – first results of telemetry

Posted - Mar 26, 2021

In the beginning of March 2021, a female lynx Petra was captured in Kočevsko and equipped with GPS-collar. After few weeks, first results from the telemetry tracking are now available. We found out that Petra is still accompanied with a kitten born in 2020 and that she is hunting successfully. We have set cameras at one of her last kill sites and we recorded Petra feeding on roe deer. When she finished feeding, her kitten arrived and also fed on the prey remains. According to the footage, they are both in very good shape. We expect that soon the kitten will leave its mother and start searching for its own territory. This period is typically the toughest time of a lynx’ life. Hopefully, this kitten will successfully reach independence and find suitable territory for the adult life.