Lynx in the tourist offer – webinar

Posted - May 4, 2021

On April 30, 2021, we held an online webinar “Lynx in the tourist offer”, as a part of the of the LIFE Lynx project.  The webinar was held as a two-hour exchange of experiences and discussions with lecturers on the topic of lynx and large carnivores in the tourism. It was held for employees of Public institutions in the area of distribution of all large carnivores in Croatia. The lecturers were our Croatian colleagues, Vedran Slijepčević from the Karlovac University of applied Sciences and Ivan Budinski from the Association Biom, who shared their previous field experiences. Marta Blažević from Astra Divina who spoke about the benefits of the presence of lynx in protected areas and her vision of targeted guided tourism tours. Then Milena Šijan from Nature & Adventure who gave us tips and solutions for organizing an outdoor observation program. At the end, Ivana Selanec from the Association BIOM presented the Lynx Walk guide. Since everything was held online, we sent our LIFE Lynx brochures to all invited Public Institutions to welcome new tourists this season as ready as possible with fresh lynx stories.